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Mannequin Lazer Systems


The undesired results of previous versions of laser systems such as cloudy effect and yellowing have completely become history thanks to new VAV Technology Laser Systems and softwares. It is possible to achieve the same optic look of traditional methods with VAV Technology’s developing laser beam technology and softwares.
Moreover, usage of VAV Technology Laser Systems provide increases at both production speed and versatility. Together with that, standardization and high quality at production are the critical reasons for prefering VAV Technology Laser Marking Systems.

The operational & production costs of laser marking bring significant cost reductions when compared with traditional methods’ costs.

The operational methodology of all the laser marking technologies is the same:
All of them use a beam to remove indigo from denim fabric.


Infinite Software Options

We have never ending upgrades, improvements, developments, customizations in our softwares, by fully understanding the needs of the market and users. Besides, since we make all improvements and innovations inhouse, we can guarantee that it will work 100% compatible with all related VAV machines.
Additional functions and softwares are developed by our team to achieve a more natural look and to reducing the marking time by minimizing the number of marking processes. These can be customized according to the needs of our customers.


3D Marking (HDR)


Denim X-Ray

Fabro Fusion

View in 360°

VAV Laser Systems are perfect with the benefits they offers and software that makes your work easier!
Now you can examine it in every detail.

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