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Research & Development

Vav Technology R&D

Investing in never-ending innovation

The main role of our R&D department is to help us maintain our competitiveness. R&D is the set of innovative activities undertaken by VAV Technology in developing new products/services and improving existing ones. Our R&D studies, which we carry out with the considerable contribution of our customers and partners, are crucial for us to acquire larger shares of the market through the of new products/services.

By investing in R&D, we are investing in technology and future capabilities, innovation, transforming these into new processes, products and services. With our innovative products, we are the solution partner that enhances lives of our customers. We are proud to be known for our capacity to turn knowledge into cutting-edge technology, product/service solutions.

With the hard work

of our researchers, we are keeping up to introduce new products/processes for denim finishing industry.