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Mannequin Laser Systems

Laser is a high-tech marking technology

that removes the indigo to achieve the best effects and desired vintage look on denim garments. This rapidly developing technology is replacing the traditional denim finishing process day by day. Undesired results of previous versions of laser systems have completely become history thanks to new laser technologies and software. It is possible to achieve the same vintage look that we used to have with traditional methods with right laser beam technology and software.

Use of new laser technologies increase both production speed and versatility. In addition, uniformity and high quality in production processes are the critical reasons for preferring laser marking systems.

The operational & production costs of laser marking bring significant cost reductions when compared with traditional methods.

Real-time video taken at the production area

Why Vav Technology Laser Systems?

(Never Ending Power) Laser Tube

Laser tube is a component where laser beam is created. The mainstream application is the sealed CO2 laser tube in market.

The major disadvantage of sealed laser tubes is “power loss” occurring over the years. This power loss negatively affects the marking quality by reducing production output and increasing unit costs. The main reason of power loss is the composition change of the CO2 gas mixture in the sealed chamber due to high temperature. The remedy of this problem costs around €25.000 with approximately 2 months machine off time.

As a result of our strong collaboration with our Italian partner El.En, we have succeeded to develop an exclusive technology called NEP (Never Ending Power) Laser Tube Technology (a sealed-off self-refilling laser tube); which assures production continuity, product conformity and exact amount of CO2 gas mixture in the sealed chamber. Thanks to NEP, we guarantee power stability and balance in years.

CO2 gas mixture cartridge system in NEP provides stability and consistency of laser marking power. In this system, the CO2 gas mixture is renewed daily with the cartridge. Placing the gas cartridge in its housing can be done by any unskilled operator without need of any special tool. The gas refilling process is automatically performed once in every 24 hours.

Major benefits due to
continuous rated power level:

Twin Head

Double up your production speed with Twin Head System in one single unit. Reduce your investment cost by choosing Twin Head System instead of two single units. By this way, you can reduce installation area requirement whilst increasing your efficiency and productivity. Thanks to NEP Laser Tube Technology, we assure you to achieve identical marking quality and consistency also with Twin Head System.

It is a high-tech component for diverting the laser beam to the fabric precisely and effectively. Berillium mirrors and galvo motors are the critical subcomponents of the scan-head. The technology of 3 Axis mirrors ensure the full coverage even at the edge of the table without losing beam focus and beam quality.
By this way, 30% more operating area is covered.



Continuous upgrades, improvements, developments, customizations, etc. are achieved by fully understanding the needs of the market and users. Since all software developments and innovations are made inhouse, it works 100% compatible with all VAV machines.

Additional functions and software are developed by our team to achieve a more natural & vintage look and to reduce the marking time by minimizing the number of marking processes.