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Who Are We ?

More than 30 countries,
1.000 machines...

More than 30 countries, 1.000 machines...

About VAV Technology

Optimized Finishing, Maximized Sustainability

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As VAV Technology, a German-based high-tech company, we develop, manufacture and market machines, robotic technologies and software for denim manufacturers and laundries.

We introduce denim manufacturers to the most advanced technology of the denim industry in order to achieve fast, safe and precise results by applying the latest and most advanced engineering technologies in the design and manufacture of laser, robotic and automation systems.

With more than 45 years of expertise in the denim industry, we are well experienced about the needs and expectations of our manufacturers and the customers.

Thanks to our high-tech production plant, hands on software team and globally located training academies; we are leading the path to the development of the denim industry and  playing a significant role in sustainable development goals.

With the technologies we produce, we lead the development of sustainable denim production by increasing efficiency, productivity, quality and uniformity while decreasing operating and labor costs and eliminating labor mistakes and at the same time minimizing energy, water and chemical consumption.

As VAV Technology with constantly growing coverage, we are operating globally with our sales, services and after-sales support teams in 32 countries and in our 2 academies located in Turkey and China.

Mission & Vision

We believe that sustainability and green laundry systems are the future of denim industry. We produce solutions with the aim of protecting human life, taking care of nature and improving the productivity and product quality of our customers.

With our continuous innovation and deep know-how in denim industry, we are aiming to be the globally leading company of denim finishing technologies.

Our Mission

We provide unique, innovative solutions and systems that deliver sustainable, nature and human friendly, productive values to our customers.

As a company that best understands and satisfies our customers’ product and service needs, we always want to protect our place by focusing on continuous innovation.

Our Values & Principles


We conduct all our activities with the principles of economic, social and environmental responsibility. We serve our main products/services in accordance with the industry and we carry on business with the focus of respect for people, environment, social and economic life. For a more livable world, we mind the compliance of all our activities with our sustainability strategy.


We increase efficiency by improving the strength and creativity of our internal and external stakeholders.

Customer Satisfaction

We offer rational and satisfying solutions to our customers and we identify our priorities according to the needs of our customers. Regardless of the scope of our customers’ requests, we try to respond as soon as possible and act with dedication, precision and sense of urgency. We never forget service-friendliness in our business and communication.

Entrepreneurship & Innovation & Leadership

We have an entrepreneurial spirit, an innovative mind and leadership qualities in order to be able to develop products and services that shape the industry by being constantly in advance of our time. We strive to be the address of the milestones in our sector by investing in technology, design, R&D and innovation.


In all of our projects and activities, we act in accordance with laws and fulfill our responsibilities towards the world, people and environment.


We evaluate the success and position of our internal stakeholders as well-deserved achievements as a natural result of their skills, hardwork, intelligence and knowledge. We make sure that our recruitment and other evaluation processes are made on the basis of objective standards and self-competencies.

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Confidentiality & Reliability

We have an organization that is reliable, aware of our social responsibilities, protects the rights of the people, companies and institutions we work with and complies with the principles of confidentiality.

Teamwork & Being Solution Oriented

In accordance with our values and principles, we reach the solution as soon as possible with our professional staff based on knowledge and experience.

Adding Value

We add value to the world, people and nature with each of our projects.

Continuous Learning

We follow innovations and use technology. Thanks to our continuing trainings, we never stop learning. We are willing to share our knowledge and we are open to feedback.

Honesty & Equitability

It is our priority to be honest and fair in our relations with all our internal and external stakeholders and to provide mutual benefit in our projects.