Vav Technology was at the Colombiatex 2023

COLOMBIATEX ( Inexmoda ) which is one of the most famous textile fairs has opened its doors on 24 th of January, in Medellin to more than 300 companies from 20 countries.

Since VAV TECHNOLOGY  has been promoting the importance of sustainable production for years, even during the first hours, an influx of visitors who manage washing machineries have  raided on the stand of VAV TECHNOLOGY.

VAV TECHNOLOGY has welcomed various companies who are eager to manage sustainable production in denim business from the countries such as Ecuador, Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Chile, Guatemala, Brazil, Panama and Venezuela.

VAV TECHNOLOGY has insisted on the importance of sustainable production strategies by promoting  the most recent software as FabroFUSION software technology and NEP ( never ending power) technology particularly for the  denim washing machinery units who are willing to keep up with less water,almost no chemical consumption and without stone consumption as well.

VAV TECHNOLOGY has always been part of sustainability route and guiding the denim manufacturers who are looking for innovations regarding with sustainable practices and friendly production processes to the environment.

Colombiatex was open between Thursday 24 and 26 January, and nearly 12,000 people attended from Colombia and countries such as the United States, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Costa Rica,

During the fair, VAV TECHNOLOGY has strengthened its relationships and generated new business opportunities.