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The Company That Puts its Signature Under Denim Sector’s Future…

Showing over 20 years of activity in the industry with a pioneer status in the sector and the world, as well as with its innovative point of view; VAV Technology is taking its power from German and Turkish designing technologies and by this way, the company is aiming to replace its technology in all workshops, factories, and countries that operate in denim design sector.

As it’s production philosophy; VAV Technology is aiming to create a completely green technology, efficiency at maximum capacity, and also, prioritizing human health, ecology, and sustainability in production.

Get Your Power From German & Turkish Design and Technology

For over 20 years, VAV Technology has been operating in denim designing sector and carrying its experience to another dimension with sustainable and innovative mechanized designs by committing to create a system that completely destroys elements which harm the nature and human health.

Our R&D studies are being carried out in our R&D centers located in Izmir, our production is being performed in Izmir. In addition, we have a wide web set of distributors that give services to the whole globe. We get our power from unity with German and Turkish design and technologies, our innovative point of view and sustainable production principle.

The Technology That Maximizes The Productivity, Minimizes The Pollution

Our production basis is depending on constituting new green technologies for denim industry that will increase efficiency to the maximum by eliminating every kind of fatal conditions in denim production processes that harm human health and ecology, especially by inhalation exposure. In short, we are easing and accelerating the process, and while doing this, we are not harming any living being and targeting to maximize the productivity.

All the designing periods are getting performed by our robots and machines, which have been programmed to imitate the human hand, and by this way, the work’s quality, cost and especially the safety has achieved 100% of satisfaction rate from employers.

Most Efficient, Fastest, Most Creative

Our R&D and innovation works are being done by our certified engineers and programmers at our R&D center in Dokuz Eylül Technology Development Zone in Izmir. Since we started our business, we spend a big portion of our profit to our R&D studies. We are at the top of the industry all over the world by the systems and the technological solutions we developed as well as especially with our unique robots. This situation never creates a laziness upon us. We spend a lot of effort to always catch the best, the most efficient, the fastest and the perfect solutions.

Our Goal is Always Reaching to the Best

Reaching to the excellence in our technology, production, sales, after-sales support, and finally end-user satisfaction. Every year, we reserve more budget for our R&D studies. All of our employees are being screened and chosen very carefully. Every single opinion matters for us! We create a brain team at every stage of the production and management. We know the needs and essentials of the sector and act according to it. We don’t have any other competitor that could reach our products’ speed and quality. Nevertheless, by racing with our own accomplishments, we aim to reach to better than the best.

“Zero Mistakes” in the Labor Force

We have reached the level of “zero mistakes” in the labor force by providing an intensive training program for our machine operators and denim designers on the way to learn all the details about our systems and software. Eventually, we opened VAV Denim Academy to all operators and designers all over the world. At the end of this education, we train machine operators and laser designers who will be able to work all around the world.

“Looked at the VAV Lab and Design Center very excellent and have seen different mix under one roof. It’s a fantastic experience and did trailers in running condition. Very well organized. Thanks.”

Giovanni, Designer

“It was a great pleasure visiting your facility. Very much appreciate your time attention. We look forward to returning and building a great relationship with team VAV. Best wishes!”