Its time to create and customize your denim easily and more efficiently with the new technology!

The denim embraces the newest and unlimited effects with our smart Fabro-Tech fabric design software.

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Get Your Design Power From Intelligent Software

User-friendly interface, easy to use

Wilma7 is a new denim design software of VAV Technology that adds the material a very natural fabric spectrum with is different kinds of unique effects. This software is not an update or upgrade version of Wilma 6, it is a new software for denim design applications with new features.


Integrated camera system having three-dimensional image capture from core product to be prepared for good quality pattern application independently from any operator.


Scalable pattern size placement and ready pattern application template.


Warping your design around a ready pattern. (Multi-layer feature)


Create your own designs without going to Photoshop with special patterns as whiskers, rodeo, destroy or your own customized patterns in the library.


The laser intensity of patterns can be reduced or increased without the need of Photoshop. This function has dodge brush tool, burn brush tool and eraser brush tool. The size, hardness, flow, and opacity of patterns can easily be change.


F-HDR function completes 3 different serial processes (contrast and gradation) with only 1 step like the HDR process in the cameras. VAV Technology has added an innovation to its intelligent technologies and combining Fabro Tech Software with HDR Function as F-HDR Function. This makes it even easier to capture the most natural look with just single laser marking


Gearbox is an automatically calculated function give an opportunity to choose between speed and density. <br>
GEAR 1 : 8.94 s <br>
GEAR 2 : 7.98 s <br>
GEAR 3 : 7.64 s <br>
GEAR 4 : 5.50 s <br>
GEAR 5 : 5.14 s


Destroy function embroiders the grinding dots to give a worn look such as knife or popcorn effect to denim without the need for any design program as Photoshop or Coreldraw.


This automation system gives opportunity of your washing, drying, etc. machines to be commanded from one center by the operator.

  1. It provides 100% washing standard managing all machines from one center by the help of electronic prescriptions.
  2. It provides the performance in the factory to rise more than 30% by the help of its software, tracing stop time filling and draining time run time and downtime of machines.
  3. It provides the proper chemical to be taken into the machine in the right time with its full automatic chemical dosing unit.
  4. With its full automatic stone dosing unit, it provides the stone that will be taken into the machine to be weighed in absolute amount according to the prescription.
  5. It provides up to 70% decrease in machine faults through collecting all mechanical items on the machines in a separate air-conditioned room that is removed from water and humidity.
  6. All processes written on the recipes are performed by computers with its intelligent software. The worker only loads and unloads the machines.
  7. It provides all materials, including energy and chemicals, to be used in sufficient quantity; so it reduces production costs, raises washing quality and performance.