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Laser Systems

Robotics Technology

Green Laundry Systems

Smart Denim Systems

Health Protection For Humanity

VAV Technology, protect human health and nature with smart machines. Jeans having this logo are produced with technologies which are non-destructive for human health and nature..

Less Chemical For Sustainable Living

The chemicals as synthetic petrochemicals, dye fixatives, oxidizing agents, reducing agents and in the final step, heavy bleaches and lightening agents are harmful to the workers who breathe it, and when not treated properly, will pollute and change the pH of the water. But VAV’s technologies minimize the use of hazardous chemical consumption.

Less Water For The Blue Planet

A typical pair of blue jeans which is produced with conventional denim processes consumes 3479 liters of water during its life cycle. But VAV’s technologies, minimize the use of water consumption up to almost 1 cup of water.

Less Energy For Manufacturing Effiency

VAV’s technologies minimize the use of energy consumption and labor cost with robotic and automation technologies that provide zero labor mistake and standardization manufacturing.